Connecting people, brands and markets

As an agency for communication, we support companies and brands in building and maintaining sustainable relationships with the people in their markets. Strategic, creative, substantive, sustainable, loving and holistic. We don’t do (traditional) advertising. We don't think in terms of target groups, but rather in terms of communities that share values and ideas. This is how we help our clients enter into real dialogue. Authentically and on an equal footing.

Companies need strong communities that don't fall apart the next time a price war comes around. Because they are characterised and deeply rooted by relevance, shared values and a resulting trust. We call this approach #connectivity and mainly use live and digital or social “channels”. Because these are the only ones where interaction and dialogue are possible. After all, no relationship has ever emerged from monologues.


The story so far

Whether you want to call them projects, cases or references – we've come up with quite a lot since 1993. And we're more than happy to give you an insight into our work: what we've done and, above all, how and why we've done it. Our live and digital projects are as diverse as our clients – it's best to see for yourself.


How can we help?

Do you remember those thick “Yellow Pages” books? In the past, we would have had to find three or four keywords for what we do. You would have searched for one of these keywords, found our entry and maybe given us a call. Or maybe sent a fax. Today's world is no longer quite so small and manageable – and we’re pleased that our offerings and solutions keep pace with the new challenges. Here we’ll explain exactly we can do for you.


Our treasure trove

We call it magazine (Arabic for “treasure trove”). Because we want to give more than just insights into our work – our main aim is to entertain our readers. In addition to the many projects, insights and news from our agency life, we also write about our personal values, our interests and matters close to our heart. Because they influence our daily work and help shape ideas, concepts and campaigns. Our magazine therefore contains a carefully composed mix of our work, our environment and the topics that move us.



Stay Connected - this is what it sounds like

There are three main reasons why we started our own podcast: Firstly, we don't like to recommend things that we haven't tried out ourselves. Secondly – and the name says it all – these podcasts also allow us to stay connected to our own market. And thirdly, we want to show what “real relationships” look like in a concrete economic and social context. This all entails talking to people who are successfully building relationships with their projects, organisations and companies. So far, unfortunately, all but one (#10) of the episodes are in German.

about us

people make the difference

It all started with this claim and it remains our guiding principle to this day. Each member of our team has special skills and qualities that we value, promote and put into practice. We like to do things differently and sometimes even dare to say no. While remaining open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Our actions are always based on our values. And there is one thing we never do: take ourselves too seriously. Because we always see ourselves as part of a greater whole and operate every day in a large network with many great people. Friendly, appreciative, respectful and trusting.


Call me maybe ...

Piqued your interest? Think we might be a good fit for you, your company and your challenges? And now want to learn more about what a collaboration could look like? Then we would be happy to receive a call or a message. First of all, it is important for us to get to know each other on a human level and to understand your goals precisely. And then, who knows, maybe that'll be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.