UX / UI Designer (m/w/d)

Job postings and online dating aren't that far apart, are they? But at the end of the day, that's what it's all about: we should be a good match for each other, professionally of course, but above all on a personal level. And that's why we simply write down what we imagine. And, of course, who we are. If you think that we could be a good match, then - no, don't swipe to the right! - please get in touch. At the bottom is how you can reach us.

About you.

You are a creative mind that develops a technical concept of the necessary information architecture from user requirements and touchpoint briefings to the presentation through wireframes.

You can research and prepare best practices, competitive analysis and UX/UI recommendations, creating interactive UI prototypes and wireframes (Adobe XD, Sketch) come easily to you and designs for different devices are a given.

When you're helping define digital touchpoints and conceptualizing, you're in your element. There's little you like better than optimizing customer journeys, and with existing apps, enterprise applications, websites, and landing pages, you have immediate ideas on how to further develop the UX/UI. In addition, you can skillfully implement UI/screen designs and are responsible for preparing and exporting them for development.

Customer workshops? - You're welcome! When conducting them, you show your confident side, bringing experience and curiosity. In addition, values such as respect, team spirit and appreciation are not really worth mentioning for you, but are the basis on which you want to work.

About us.

We are an agency for marketing and communication - founded in 1993 and still owner-managed.

We help companies enter into a real exchange and build sustainable relationships with their markets, using live communication, digital spaces and social media. Yes, deliberately only these three "channels". Because they are the only ones that work interactively and dialogically. Relationships do not develop from monologues.

We think and act strategically, creatively, sustainably, lovingly, holistically and always at eye level. Because we are deeply convinced that - today more than ever - every value creation is based on appreciation. Our claim "We connect people, brands and markets" is therefore not only the best description for our portfolio, but a promise.


You've read this far. Respect! Then we can now look forward to your application? You have a completely free choice of means. What we are most interested in - despite all the enthusiasm for CVs and certificates - is who you are and what makes you tick. And what your plans for the future are, perhaps together with us.

This is Jan-Peter. He is a Senior Consultant and is looking forward to your application.

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