STIHL Treff 2020

Three-Day Online Live Event

One thing was very important to us in our approach to this project: to hold the STIHL Treff 2020 as normally as possible. Without regrets and without a "live would be nicer" undertone. Together with the people responsible at STIHL, we wanted to use a completely natural setting to trigger just as much joy, lightness and enthusiasm among the dealers online as we did live at a roadshow last year.

To achieve this, it was important to consider a few things before and behind the scenes that simply work differently online. First of all, there's the look & feel of a digital "location". This must not only feel immediately familiar and like STIHL to the participants, but also be as intuitive as possible (due to different digital expertise). And: despite an overall agenda of three days, no single session at an online event should last longer than two hours.

In a mix of pre-recorded videos as well as interactive live talks and chats, those responsible at STIHL were not only able to convey their content and respond directly to questions, but also to specifically address the respective focal points and interests of the specialist dealers. And last but not least, of course, the heart of every event was needed, i.e. meeting, exchange and atmosphere. To this end, we created virtual "coffee corners" for each sales region and BBQs in the evenings that were networked online and in real life. The response from the dealers over all three days was huge and we are very happy that we were able to help the STIHL community to stay connected with a lot of joy even in these times.

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