How we support you!

Firstly: At any kind of event. Whether offline, online or hybrid. Secondly: In digital brand management. For example, via platforms, podcasts, magazines or social media. The focus is always on creating relevant content and creative stories. Our credo is: Medium follows content!

We also think on a holistic, cross-media and integrated basis, and thus provide the perfect interface with all other actors and trades. Because brand communication is a complex business. That's why we prefer to do everything ourselves.
From market analysis to strategy, design and concept development to realisation. According to individual wishes, of course, and exactly as your briefing requires.

Whatever it takes, the most important thing for us is that the desired effect is achieved in the end. You already know. You and your market. A sustainable and successful relationship – or as we call it #connectivity.

From a to z

Our services in detail

We like to speak plainly – in contrast to the often confusing and detached job descriptions posted by agencies. What we do have, however, is a long list of things we are really good at. This covers all phases of brand communication. From analysis and strategy development, through concept and design, right up to planning and realisation – and this is only a snapshot of our skills. (Not least because we are also constantly learning new things).

Brand, consumer and market insights // Needs, status quo and competitive analyses // Strategy and brand workshops // Brand consulting // Communication strategy // Content strategy // Ideation // Creation // Communication concept // Content development // Storytelling // Content editing // Communication design // Design and visualisation // Media design // UX/UI // Motion design & animation // Photography and moving images // Media production // Campaign planning // Media planning // Communication plan // Quality assurance // Project management // Project controlling and reflection // Virtual platforms // IT solutions (platforms, apps, guest management systems, customer experience) // Event solutions // Show and event production and logistics

Digital twin

Had to cancel a planned event? We translate your event into the digital space. Translate is the keyword here because live communication cannot be simply copied one-to-one into the digital world. With the help of digital technologies, we bring your company and planned visitors together. We adapt the setting, themes and content of the event optimally to the new circumstances and the behaviour of digital guests.

Stay Connected

If there is no way of contacting customers live, as is currently the case, alternatives are needed to stay in touch. In the digital space, however, completely new approaches and more touchpoints are needed than in live communication. It's a bit like a long-distance relationship. The most important thing is trust and communication.

Hybrid brand experience

Successful brand communication always aims to build a sustainable community that has a genuine connection with a brand or a company. Hybrid means we use the activating power of brand management in digital dialogue and the special energy of actual face-to-face interaction – as a "push button", so to speak. Of course, at the moment “only” DIGITALLY, but hopefully also LIVE in the foreseeable.

Let´s decide

In turbulent times, there is a certain risk of losing the overview or falling into actionism. We have developed two low-threshold and effective workshop formats precisely for this case. In this way, we can help you without much effort - and in a very short time - to identify clever approaches and smart options for action, so that the view and the path become clearer again.


Our online platform “WelYou” for digital, hybrid and traditional events – covering all phases including invitation, the event itself and subsequent evaluation. WelYou supports all phases of your digital, hybrid and traditional event. We accompany your guests from the invitation to the evaluation phase and support your planning and processes with extensive functions. Flexible and customisable, according to your requirements.

LIVE again ... finally!

Feeling brave and already planning real live events again? Excellent! We are convinced that people – after many months of pandemic restrictions – have a huge need to meet face to face again. Let's plan for that in good time. And should we need precautionary measures or hybrid solutions in the end – we’ll take care of that, too. That’s a promise!

Environmental policy

Our sustainable responsibility

The preservation of our natural environment and the livelihoods of future generations is a very special concern for our company. We do not see ecology and economy as opposites, but as a significant alliance that should influence and develop through synergetic interaction.

We therefore strive to continuously improve the environmental situation in our company with the environmental policy described here and to take all measures within our power to realise this goal.

ottomisu follows the following principles with regard to its environmental policy:

Acting in an environmentally sound manner is not only the responsibility of the management. Our employees are encouraged to act in an environmentally conscious and energy-saving manner. Our managers are required to demand and promote this behaviour at all levels.

We train and inform all employees to strengthen environmental awareness inside and outside the company.

With the voluntary introduction of environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001, ottomisu strengthens its previous exemplary efforts for effective and sustainable environmental protection.

We comply with the legal regulations. The environmental management system is subject to regular effectiveness checks through self-audit processes.

We see it as our task to examine, monitor and assess the effects of our activities and projects on the environment, as far as this is possible for us in terms of content and organisation as well as economically justifiable, in order to avoid or minimise negative effects. Furthermore, we encourage our clients to have us evaluate and optimise the ecological impact of joint projects on the CO2 balance and, if requested, to seriously and sustainably compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the consumption of resources and our volume of waste, waste water, energy as well as our CO2 balance and reduce these in accordance with our environmental policy objectives and economic possibilities.

We inform our contractual partners and suppliers about our environmental policy and try to add environmentally relevant aspects to our requirements through ecological procurement rules.

For the continuous improvement of environmental protection, the company formulates concrete environmental goals and defines means and measures to achieve them.

The continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our agency is the task of all employees. To achieve this goal, our managers are responsible for communicating the environmental policy and promoting environmental awareness among employees at all levels. The environmental management system ensures that resources are conserved and has a positive effect on the environment as well as the company's CO2 balance.

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Call me maybe ...

Piqued your interest? Think we might be a good fit for you, your company and your challenges? And now want to learn more about what a collaboration could look like? Then we would be happy to receive a call or a message. First of all, it is important for us to get to know each other on a human level and to understand your goals precisely. And then, who knows, maybe that'll be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.